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I am a photographer.

Thanks for checking this out! This is a fun project that can really enrich peoples lives.

My name is Bethany Cox and I believe that this is something deserving of blessing. I decided to start this Network to as a mission. I am a Christian and I believe that Jesus wants us to love others. I want to share the LOVE of God that I have experienced in my own life by sharing my gift of photography with this very deserving group of people. I would love to have you and your gifts as a part of this project. There is a little more info about how it all began on my blog.

Please contact us via the contact form on the right. We can't wait to add you to the network!

*NOTE: All photographers MUST agree to donating at least 30 minutes of photography and one 8x10 print to the subjects of your Homecoming session. What you add from there is up to you. // Est. 2012 //